Divergent - Veronica Roth

The book Divergent was about a girl named Tris, formerly Beatrice, and her difficulties being Divergent.  In the beginning of the book, Beatrice is in the faction or group, Abnegation which is known for being selfless, and kind.  They are also in charge of the government.  Since Beatrice is now 16 she can now switch factions if she chooses once she takes her aptitude test.  The test is a brain simulation however it feels realistic and you are not aware that its not real at the moment.  When Beatrice takes her test, for some reason her results are inconclusive, she is told she is Divergent but that its dangerous and she must not tell anyone.  She also doesn't realize that the brain simulation isn't working because shes aware that shes taking the test.  She doesn't know what Divergence is or how its dangerous.  At the choosing ceremony she can pick from the factions Erudite known for intelligence, her original faction Abnegation, or Dauntless known for being adventurous, dangerous, and brave.  She picks Dauntless.  By joining Dauntless, (she finds out afterwards) she has to train and compete to get into the faction.  She becomes especially close with one of her teachers named Four, they figure out Erudite is trying to overthrow the Abnegation government .Meanwhile she makes some friends and enemies in her faction. She is especially targeted because of how small she is but manages in the end to be ranked first.  She also ends up dating Four. At the end of the ranking the whole Dauntless faction is given a tracking device that in reality is a simulation serum, Tris doesn't realize until later that this is how Erudite will overthrow Abnegation.  The next day all of Dauntless is mind-controlled and ready to kill any Abnegation they see.  Tris and Four are divergent so it doesn't affect them.  They save as many Abnegation lives as possible but are eventually outnumbered, however they manage to destroy the simulation and Dauntless are no longer brainwashed so they stop killing.  


This book connects with me because I can relate to the character Beatrice, who represents a strong female role and can be a leader when the time comes.  This connects to the book/ series The Hunger Games because a lot of the concepts were the same, such as: both books are written about the future.  Both try to overthrow the government.  Both are split up into groups where the government has more than everyone else (even though in Divergent the resources were not being used by them but given to the factionless).  This connects to the world because this is a realistic situation in saying that one group is willing to kill many people to get what they want.  And in some countries and governments people try to overthrow their leaders.  


I would recommend this book for many reasons, some of them are: its easy to relate to the character because through the story she develops bravery and heroism.  Also the book is interesting and has a lot of action.  I think if you are into stories with a strong female role, action stories, romance, or a book that makes you think a lot; you will especially love this book.