Amulet, Vol. 1: The Stonekeeper - Kazu Kibuishi

The book Amulet was about kids who discover a secret amulet with powers.  The book starts out when they were kids.  Emily, her younger brother Navin, the mom, and the dad are driving when the car crashes and the dad dies.  Two years later they want to a fresh start so they move into one of their mom's grandfather's house. Nobody really knows what happened to the grandfather. While they're exploring the house Emily discovers an amulet and puts it on.  When everyone is sleeping the amulet tells Emily that her family is in danger and she needs to protect them.  Then they hear a noise in the basement and when they look, it's some sort of monster and it takes Emily's mom and brother.  Shes uses the amulet to fight it off but only manages to save her brother from it.  After that the amulet tells her to follow the creek and go to the house there, and there she will find her great grandfather that went missing, Silas Charnon.  It also tells her that now she's a stone keeper and that it's a huge responsibility. Before they get there someone tries to attack them but someone else fights them back and tells the kids to hurry with him.  The person who helps them is Charnon's robot and he takes them to the Charnon house.  Silas is dying but before he dies he tells Emily about her powers with the amulet, and she accepts to be the stone keeper. Mean while Emily wants her mom back so Silas's assistants help her fly into a dangerous tunnel where the monster still has her mom.  Emily doesn't end up getting her because her brother gets attacked by the dangerous creatures in the tunnel and the mom says to help him instead.  They leave and end up in the forest.  That's when Emily finds out the Elf King's Son was the one that attacked her earlier and he tries to do it again because he wants to use her powers to kill his father.  Then she uses the amulet to stop him but chooses not to kill him.  After that they find her mom and she brings her back to the Charnon house.  Then, they find out the mom has been poisoned.  They remember the house can walk and use it to walk to the city and find an antidote.     


This book connects to me because it was a fantasy, non-fiction book and I like books in that genre.  Another book I can connect with this is Harry Potter because they both have magical and mythical creatures that the hero is trying to defeat.  This connects with the world because if the book was realistic and this happened in the world I think there would be the same outcome.  


I would recommend this book because I think it's easy to make you interested in it.  I would mostly recommend this book to people who like graphic novels, and fantasy.